i love my husband and don’t want a divorce

i love my husband and don’t want a divorce

Divorce is now normal. Couples are now seeking legal help with the intention of divorce just weeks into their marriages. Things must have taken a sharp turn somewhere along the way because 50 or 60 years ago, someone would dig there heels and tell you “i love my husband and don’t want a divorce” the situation was different.

Couples stayed married. Families were bigger then and one would imagine that this made marriage harder but somehow, people managed to stick together till death tore them apart.

Not that they did not think about leaving, they did. Many times. Having been married officially, They always had this strong belief that God had put them together, so splitting would have been akin to going against God’s will.

Marriage, even in the prevailing situation of rampant divorce and separation is still a good thing, its in our nature that even children play games of marrying. At the end of the game, one child will go home dissatisfied because the playmate could not play their way.

Does this explain the question of divorce; is it now being caused by the ease with which people commit themselves to an institution so detailed and yet so complex. Today’s Marriages, it seems, have not changed much, but goalposts have. While success of those of the past was measured by how long the marriage lasted, success in marriage today is measured by individual happiness

  Marriage does not have to be hard because the two of you survived courtship where everyone had a chance to quit. Life is hard but just a few people give up on it, so is marriage. It is what you make it. Your spouse will be happy or sad depending on you. Complicate your marriage and the harvests will also complicate your life. Some people will claim that some spouses will break your heart regardless of what you do, it is true but how sure are you that you did the right things to prevent it happening?. Divorce should be used as the last resort after you have tried all other measures and failed, and  if what is breaking you apart is not that you have grown out of love?. or

  1. you feel like you would consider taking another chance to fix it?
  2. Want to save your marriage?
  3. Are you searching for an effective way to change things but don’t know how?
  4. Are you ashamed that your marriage is failing?
  5. Want to fix your marital issues?

No one goes into a marriage with hopes of having to experience a painful divorce. So if you are keen on finding out vital information on how to change the situation, then consult us today maybe we can help.

How the Stop Divorce Spells Work

Marriage does not have to be hard, at times along the way the married couple lose their path and that’s how the differences start. This can be in form of disagreements, arguments, infidelity, manipulation, financial problems, even families at time play roles in making marriages fail.

Now This spells is cast to restore what you once had. your Love, the feelings for each other and overcoming whatever problem which is breaking you apart. At times People always fail to realize the exact reason why their relationship is breaking up and just accept the outcome without finding out what actually went wrong or contesting it. at times it might not be your partner not loving you, it could be outside influence , another woman or family. As i always say spells are strictly done by professionals to archive the best results. 

Once the spell’s energies begin to manifest within your spouse, they again start to see the good in you and the reason why they married you. They see you as they once did when they cared for you the most and love and passion were at an all-time high. The thought of divorce will be something they will have no desire to think of any more.

If you still want to fight for you relationship or marriage but don’t know how to go about it, then  we might have  the solution for you. We will terminate all the situations which are a threat to your marriage. Whatever that is tearing you apart will face it together to solve it and remove that negative barrier.

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