why is it hard to find someone to marry

You are asking yourself why is it hard to find someone to marry you?. you have everything but love is the only thing missing, Well tell you what don’t beat yourself up. what is missing is fate  just make sure you marry someone who makes you happy. Because its not about who marries first, but…Read More

Successful attractive yet single

  In this Generation, So many women are remaining single into their 40’s. There maybe someone for each of you, perhaps even someone absolutely for each of you, but are you scaring off your Mr Right?. You are Successful attractive yet single here is what scare men. “Why None of my relationships ever work out”…Read More

cheated but reminds you every time

Now this one goes to those sweet souls who suffer because they have sinned or cheated, lied, betrayed your partners, husbands, friends, family and even society and then are forgiven, given a second chance to try to fix things but then they are constantly reminded of what they did, how evil they are, called horrible…Read More


  It might be the new trend among some young people but dating a married man does not make it normal. The married men have a sleek tongue that is both convincing and confusing, they usually have a generous hand that is hard to resist, especially among our financially challenged females but when you sign…Read More

Why he cheated on me

  Cheaters have a way of justifying their actions. Even a thief will give ‘reasons’ why he does what he does but does that give him a pass to go around robbing people?, stop asking yourself Why he cheated on me. It is interesting how creative people can get when they are caught in an…Read More

marriage spells are real and working

Marriage Spell

Marriage spell-Tying the knot may not make a marriage but it is what makes a marriage official and so cannot be questioned. Marriage is an end game for some people and a fantasy for others. If you have never dreamed of being married, you are one special human being, especially in this era where one…Read More

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