Successful attractive yet single


successful and beautiful but can't find love

In this Generation, So many women are remaining single into their 40’s. There maybe someone for each of you, perhaps even someone absolutely for each of you, but are you scaring off your Mr Right?. You are Successful attractive yet single here is what scare men.

“Why None of my relationships ever work out” asks my Client. This woman is a CEO in a big company. She’s attractive and interesting, but unable, so far, to form a lasting bond with a man. “Men seem intimidated by me” she says, “even if they have a more senior job or earn more money than i do. I don’t play games with them. I am totally straight forward. I don’t think am aggressive or scary, but after a few dates it always peters out. maybe i have a problem.
There’s the Rub. Your search for Mr Right may be marred by misinformation. If you are expecting him to come in a six- foot package with shiny, straight teeth, maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourselves or you are not paying attention to shorter guys.
Women these days have the upper hand. They can wait longer to have children, earn their own money, are independent and no longer see a relationship as the beginning and end of their existence. Most women would still rather be in a good relationship than be alone, but they are not prepared to compromise. If it is not the right relationship, they don’t want it. “It’s better to stay Successful attractive yet single” they say.  In turn this have scared and intimidated some of us as Men.


They may not all be company executives or earners of six figure salaries, but women have become a lot more assertive about work pleasing themselves ( am talking about work pleasure here) and they do it well.Most women pay a lot more attention to job satisfaction. That means they find what they like to do and they are good at what they do, all of which makes them less needy, less likely to pursue their sole satisfaction in a relationship.

Gone are the days when men controlled the budget, but that extends further. Women who earn their own money and run their own lives also want to be the ones who choose where and how to live and what to do for entertainment. A lot of men feel a bit emasculated by this.

They know what they want and they go after it, in their jobs and even in their personal lives. They are good at being women. That makes them happy, but sometimes perhaps, they need to open up their ambitious focus and widen the lens to admit the ambitions and expectations of a partner.

They might not all be millionaires, but they are rich in self-esteem, in confidence, in knowing who they are. Women tend to cultivate strong friendships to a far greater extent than men do. Which is good because it gives them a strong secure support system, but being so emotionally self sufficient can also make it difficult to make space for an intimate relationship.

Women take care of themselves. They can have children later. They don’t feel the need to settle down early. All well and good, but in the same way as they need to take care of their bodies in order to live a long and full life, maybe they need to nurture their emotional ability to engage in a meaningful relationship, rather than wait until they feel ready for one. in other words practice makes perfect.

    Successful attractive yet singleFace it, Successful women are scary. They are demanding and unpredictable. They don’t always say what they want to the people they want it from, and they tell their friends everything.
It’s not that men want unassertive women. Ask any man around whether they think women should be submissive, and every single one of them i bet would tell you he cannot bear the thought of being in a relationship with someone with no mind of her own.
But something have caused successful women to become what the surveys are referring to as the spinster generation, and it’s not necessarily women’s choice. Am a Healer spell caster  and i can tell you that everyone has his or her someone out there. In each of us we have a grand passion waiting to be realized and unleashed in the form of charming, gracious lover in their way.
   All i can say you need to let go of the Prince charming idea if you are ever going to be happy. Of course there can be Mr right for every woman, but would you see him if prince charming is still in your head?.
Relationships are about Trust, Understanding, Communication and compromise. No one is ever going to fit the Neat little box you have mapped out for your Mr Right. You have to adjust the box to fit his unique individuality. And he has to do the same. You can have it all, just don’t have preconceptions about what that all he is before you have given him a chance.

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